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Little Queen (1977)

Speed King

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Mar 27, 2018
Rockford, IL
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Title: Little Queen
Artist: Heart
Genre: Classic Rock
Released: 1977

1 - Barracuda - 4:23
2 - Love Alive - 4:19
3 - Sylvan Song - 2:15
4 - Dream of the Archer - 4:31
5 - Kick It Out - 2:45
6 - Little Queen - 5:13
7 - Treat Me Well - 3:24
8 - Say Hello - 3:37
9 - Cry to Me - 2:51
10 - Go on Cry - 5:56
11 - Too Long a Time - 3:33
12 - Stairway to Heaven (live) - 9:20

Little Queen is the second album released by US hard rock band Heart. It was released in May 1977 on Portrait Records, and re-released in 2004 with two bonus tracks.

The group intended Little Queen to be the official follow-up to the debut Dreamboat Annie. They had just left their first label Mushroom Records, for the newly formed Portrait Records division of CBS Records (now Sony/BMG). However the situation became very complicated when Mushroom decided to release a batch of studio demos and live recordings as the album Magazine at the same time as Little Queen. The record was hugely successful, becoming the band's second top ten album and eventually went 3x platinum.

It also produced the band's most popular hit Barracuda, which Ann Wilson wrote after a controversial publicity stunt by Mushroom Records created about her and Nancy featured a full-page ad in Rolling Stone showing the sisters bare-shouldered (as appearing on the "Dreamboat Annie" album cover) and suggestively captioned "It was only our first time". When a reporter suggested, backstage after a live appearance, that the sisters were sex partners, Ann returned to her hotel room and began writing the lyrics to "Barracuda" to relieve her frustration. The song became one of Heart's biggest hits peaking at #11
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