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Top Notch Introduce a 'new' band to you: STURP

Sep 19, 2020
Hi Rockers all over the world!

I want to introduce you a 'new' band: STURP

I write 'new' between quotes because the band has been around for some time, but may not be known to you yet. I would like to change that and I am curious if you can handle this new music! ;-)

STURP is instrumental music: Guitar, banjo and drums.
Because of the frequent use of distorted guitars one could call the genre ‘Instrumetal’.
STURP is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
STURP is a solo-project
STURP has released 3 full-length albums:
– Rapid Germination (2014)
– Fumigation of Grain (2016)
– Extensive Alpine Terrain (2019)
All three albums got strong underground press, read over here: https://sturp.com/en/reviews/

STURP is also performing live, as a duo: Richard on drums and Daan on strings

More info at www.sturp.com

See also a nice little teaser:

Enjoy it!


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