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Hello there!


New member
Feb 23, 2020
I'm Milla, living in Sweden. Would be fun to talk music with other musiclovers sometimes. Preferably the kind that your most passionate about, even if (like in my case) most of it was made in the 70-90s..
Rock, Hard Rock, Bluesy or Funky influenced Rock are genres that I feel extra love for but 70-80s Heavy Metal is of course timeless.
Just to mention a few.. that touches my soul and gives those goosebumps..
All time favorite Glenn Hughes or ( God;) , Badlands, Phenomena,
The Dead Daisies, Stevie Ray, Whitesnake, Crimson Glory, Bonafide, Wolf and like hundreds of others. Like to go to smaller gigs and discover bands that are not that known yet but still blow you away.. Love it.

Speed King

Staff member
Mar 27, 2018
Rockford, IL
Welcome to Hard Rock Forums Milla! Feel free to browse around and make yourself at home, if you need help with anything, contact myself or Magic.

Did you find us from an internet search?, or from friends? or another site? I only ask because we're a fairly new forum and we need feedback on how our members find us.

I'm a Glenn Hughes fan as well, mostly because of Deep Purple. You do know he was a Bassist and vocalist for Deep Purple at one time? He was on all three of the albums from the mark III lineup, 1974-1976 Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste the Band. He has a great voice and blends very well with David Coverdale.

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