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Hello i'm new here

Jan 9, 2022
Ararat NC
Hi so i'm new here before i say my interest about rock music i will say this first i am in other places too like the doom community i mean the game doom 2 old doom zdoom gzdoom and skulltag and zandronum etc so here is what happen when i was in the anime forums i have not been there since 2020 i tried to log in and they locked my account so i know its to prevent spam bots but i'm mostly active in the doom community so ok i got that over with i just don't want to be blocked here too... ok i will tell my interest in music of rock genre

Alternative rock/ metal (which is mostly what i listen to.)
my favorites is these currently

Vertical Horizon
Falling Up
emo bands too many to choose
The Mars Volta
Stone Temple Pilots
Three Days Grace
Nickelback (mostly the albums until Dark horse came out which all the right reasons is okay not the greatest)
The New Level (which no one knows what that is yet)
i can't mention them all but you get the gist i like mostly what the 90s people liked and some 2000s people too

classic rock my only favorites are Van Halen/ rush and early 90s classic rock like Blues Travelers Smashing Pumpkins and Screaming Trees

so yeah i will try to be active here so hi everyone!