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A Classic Grand Funk Railroad


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Mar 28, 2018
Summer of 1970, waiting to start my Junior year in High School. This guy shows up at our local hangout, The Hut. His name was Tom West and he and his family just moved up from Flint to the wilds of Upper Michigan. My buddy Rick and I got to know him and found he shared the same love for music we did. Well we ended up at his place to listen to some stuff he brought along with him. It was a hold new world, MC-5, Fijid Pink, SRC, Iggy Pop and a host of others from the Flint Detroit area. One album in particular stood out heads above the others and it start a life long love for the band Grand Funk Railroad. It was the Red Album, I still play it, I still love it. Grand Funk was never a band that the critics said good things about but they were huge even without radio play. Some day I hope the rift between Farner and Brewer closes up and they start playing together again. So anyways fast forwarding 2014 and the Bob Seger concert another buddy and I went to see in Grand Rapids. Went to a little hole in the wall bar near the venue for couple beers. In walks seger's drummer who just happens to be Don Brewer, Grand Funks drummer. We went over to talk to him and a handful of roadies. I related the foretold story and he seemed to appreciate it. We finished off the evening having a good time with Brewer and the roadies.


Only legitimate lineup according to me

Mark Farner-vocals and guitars
Don Brewer-drums
Mel Schacher- Bass

Studio albums
Don Brewer
Mel Schacher
Max Carl
Tim Cashion
Bruce Kulick
Past members
Mark Farner
Craig Frost
Dennis Bellinger
Howard Eddy, Jr