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Forum Rules (Please Read Before Posting)

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Mar 27, 2018
Welcome to Hard Rock Forums!

This community has been designed to allow you to express your thoughts and opinions freely. We do not like to make rules but it is sometimes necessary. To avoid any issues, some basic rules are below:

1. This forum is for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal discussions only. No Politics or Religion.

2. Do Not post anything related to Piracy ie. file share links. This is illegal.

3. Do not post pornography or links to pornography.

4. Be sure to use the search before posting new topics.

5. Multiple user accounts are not allowed

6. Personal attacks against members and staff will be met with dispensary action.

7. Racial slurs are not tolerated.

8. Don't be a moron. We are not here to babysit forum members.

9. Don't post anything that makes us write any more damn rules!!
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