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First Glance (1978)

Speed King

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Mar 27, 2018
Rockford, IL
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Title: First Glance
Artist: April Wine
Genre: Rock
Released: 1978

1 - Get Ready for Love - 4:25
2 - Hot on the Wheels of Love - 3:14
3 - Rock 'n' Roll Is a Vicious Game - 3:10
4 - Right Down to It - 3:03
5 - Roller - 4:19
6 - Comin' Right Down on Top of Me - 4:10
7 - I'm Alive - 2:55
8 - Let Yourself Go - 2:56
9 - Silver Dollar - 5:14

First Glance is the seventh studio album by Canadian rock band April Wine, released in March, 1978. First Glance became April Wine's first gold record outside Canada. "Roller" was a hit in Flint, Michigan and radio listeners there made "Roller" a top requested song. It ended up as a top forty hit in the States. After the release of First Glance, bands such as Rush, Journey, and Styx all requested for April Wine to open their shows in the United States
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