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Edgar Winter's White Trash


Active member
Jun 24, 2018
Citrus Heights, California
we had an album (live) laying around our apartment I think it belonged to my old BF. well, about a year ago I decided to dig in and listen to them again. found this:
sad demise of their drummer, Bobby Ramirez. Read something about him. I was a very young child at the time so don't remember it because I had no idea at the time who any of these musicians were... but gee whiz it happened about 100 miles from where I lived at the time (Rockford IL). On 7/24/1972: Bobby Ramirez was the drummer who worked with Rick Derringer, LaCroix and Edgar Winter’s White Trash. It was while on tour with Winter in 1972, that the band were in Chicago on a tour with Uriah Heap that Ramirez found himself assaulted after an altercation in the men’s room of the Rosemont Hall. He died of head injuries after being kicked with steel-tipped shoes. Info gleaned from http://themusicsover.com