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Damned in Black (2000)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: Damned in Black
Artist: Immortal
Genre: Black Metal
Released: 2000

1 - Triumph - 5:40
2 - Wrath From Above - 5:46
3 - Against the Tide (In the Arctic World) - 6:02
4 - My Dimension - 4:32
5 - The Darkness That Embrace Me - 4:37
6 - In Our Mystic Visions Blest - 3:11
7 - Damned in Black - 6:51

Damned in Black is the sixth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Immortal. It was released on April 27, 2000 through Osmose Productions. It's the first album where bass guitar is played by Iscariah, the bassist and vocalist of the band "Dead to This World". The musical style started to embrace a more blackened thrash metal sound.
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