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Beatles VI (1965)

Speed King

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Mar 27, 2018
Rockford, IL
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Title: Beatles VI
Artist: The Beatles
Genre: Rock & Roll
Released: 1965

1 - Medley: Kansas City / Hey, Hey - 2:22
2 - Eight Days a Week - 2:41
3 - You Like Me Too Much - 2:33
4 - Bad Boy - 2:17
5 - I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - 2:30
6 - Words of Love - 2:04
7 - What You're Doing - 2:24
8 - Yes It Is - 2:39
9 - Dizzy Miss Lizzie - 2:52
10 - Tell Me What You See - 2:34
11 - Every Little Thing - 1:57

Beatles VI is the Beatles' seventh Capitol Records release in the United States (including The Beatles' Story). It was the ninth album released into that market in less than one and a half years (Vee-Jay Records and United Artists Records also released one album each during that period). The LP was released in both mono and stereo versions.

"Beatles VI" reached number one in Billboard for six weeks, beginning on 10 July 1965.

This LP was also released in New Zealand in stereo in time for Christmas 1966. The pressing plates were obtained from EMI (UK) and are identical to their export only release. The title on the record label reads Beatles IV, and the catalogue number is PCSM 6042.

This album is available on CD as part of The Capitol Albums, Volume 2 box set in both stereo and mono mixes.
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