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uriah heep

  1. K

    PETER GOALBY (ex Uriah Heep)

    Peter Goalby, 80s singer for Uriah Heep has a new album coming out. I recently interviewed him. His first interview in 30 year! http://outsiderrock.ca/2021/09/27/peter-goalby-former-uriah-heep-and-trapeze-frontman-returns-with-first-solo-album-after-30-years/
  2. Speed King

    A Rocker Uriah Heep

    Official Website: Uriah Heep Members: David Byron Mick Box Gary Thain Ken Hensley Lee Kerslake Albums: (The album title is a link to the album thread with album video) ...Very 'eavy...Very 'umble 1970 Look At Yourself 1971 Salisbury 1971 The Magician's Birthday 1972 Demon's And Wizards 1972...