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six feet under

  1. Magic

    Traditional Metal Six Feet Under

    Information Page Members: Björn Lodin - Vocals Marcus Källström - Drums Peter Östling - Keyboards Thomas Larsson - Guitar Kent Jansson - Bass Albums: Six Feet Under (1983) Eruption (1984) Six Feet Under was a heavy metal / hard rock band from Sweden, not to be confused with the American...

    Death Metal Six Feet Under

    Albums: Haunted (1995) Warpath (1997) Maximum Violence (1999) True Carnage (2001) Bringer of Blood (2003) 13 (2005) Commandment (2007) Death Rituals (2008) Undead (2012) Unborn (2013) Crypt of the Devil (2015) Torment (2017) Nightmares of the Decomposed (2020) Killing for Revenge (2024) Current...