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melodic metal

  1. Magic

    Symphonic Moonsun

    Susanne Scherer - Vocalist Thomas Kolbin - All Instruments Official Website Discography: Silent Pieces (2013) Inner Clouds (2015) MoonSun Acoustic & Metal Cover (2018) Escapalace (2020) MoonSun is a symphonic metal / gothic metal band from Germany. The newest album, Escapalace< was...
  2. Magic

    Heavy Metal Vultures Vengeance

    Bandcamp Page Band Info Members: Tony T. Steele - Vocals, Guitars Tony L.A. - Guitars Matt Savage - Bass Matt Serafini - Drums Albums: The Knightlore (2019) Vultures Vengeance is a melodic heavy metal band from Italy. Their debut album made a premiere today!! The Knightlore...
  3. Magic

    Power Metal HIghland Glory aka Phoenix Rizing

    Facebook Page Members: Jan Thore Grefstad : vocals Jack Roger Olsen : guitars Per Olav Olsen : guitars Halvor Gustafson : keyboards Knut Egil Tøftum : bass Jarle Byberg : drums Discography: Pre Highland Glory--Phoenix Rizing: Rise From the Ashes (1998) Eternal Crusade (2000) Highland...