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folk rock

  1. Magic

    Me And That Man

    Adam Nergal Darski Official Website Discography: Songs of Love and Death (2017) New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1 (2020) Me And That Man is a side project of the legendary frontman of Behemoth (extreme metal band), Nergal. This project is excellent IMO. The music is a blender of...
  2. Mr. Gregory

    The Accidentals

    Official Website Current members: Savannah Buist - vocals, guitar, and various other instruments Katie Larson - vocals, guitar, and various other instruments Michael Dause - drums, vocals Albums: (with links to album info & videos) Tangled Red and Blue (2012) Bittersweet (2013) Odyssey...
  3. Oldhippie

    Larkin Poe

    Larkin Poe Rock Band Larkin Poe is an American roots rock band from Atlanta, GA fronted by sisters Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell. Featuring strong southern harmonies, heavy electric guitar riffs, and slide guitar, they are often touted as "the little sisters of the Allman Brothers." A...