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female fronted metal

  1. Magic

    Power Metal Velvet Viper

    Official Website Discography Velvet Viper - 1991 The 4th Quest for Fantasy - 1992 Respice Finem - 2018 The Pale Man is Holding a Broken Heart - 2019 From Over Yonder -2020 Pilgrimage - 2020 Cosmic Healer - 2021 Current Members: Jutta Weinhold - Vocals Holger Marx - Guitars Johannes Mollers...
  2. Magic

    Heavy Metal Bitch

    Official Website Discography Damnation Alley EP - 1982 Be My Slave - 1983 The Bitch is Back - 1987 Betsy - 1989 Current Members Betsy Bitch (Betsy Weiss) – vocals (1980–present) Curt Remington – bass (2018–present) Chris Cardenas – guitars (2014–present) Randal "Scandal" West – drums...