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diamond head

  1. Magic

    Review Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations aka White Album (1980)

    Album: Lightning to the Nations aka White Album Artist: Diamond Head Country of Origin: England Genre: Heavy Metal Released: October 3, 1980 Label: Happy Face Records Re-issued 1992 by Metal Blade Records Purchase: White Album Vinyl or 1992 CD 1992 Metal Blade Re-issue: 1."Lightning to...
  2. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Diamond Head

    Current Lineup Brian Tatler Karl Wilcox Andy Abberley Ramsus Bom Andersen Dean Ashton Album Discography (With Links to album Info) Lightning to the Nations (1980) Borrowed Time (1982) Canterbury (1983) Death and Progress (1993) All Will Be Revealed (2005) What's in Your Head? (2007) Diamond...