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album releases 2020

  1. Magic

    Album recommendations for February 2020.

    Delain - Apocalypse & Chill album playlist Ironflame - Blood Red Victory full album Sepultura - Quadra album playlist Anvil - Legal At Last album playlist Seven Spires - Emerald Seas album playlist Demons & Wizards - III album playlist Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man album playlist I'm...
  2. Magic

    New Album Releases 2020

    I will update each entry as I get information for more releases. January 3, 2020 Bolthorn – Wrath Ov A Dead Sun EP (Self) Cardinal Sin – Lucified (Machine Man) Grogaldr/Kommodus – Howling Sanguine Triumph (Goatowarex) Horrid – As We Forget Our Past (Dunkelheit) Humans Etcetera – A Normal...