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  1. Magic


    I am looking forward to the new album. XI is very good!! Have you heard it @Lynch
  2. Magic

    Nazareth - "Tattooed On My Brain" (Official Music Video)

    LOL....I felt the same way when I listened to the video. Sheesh! That crap is wretched.
  3. Magic

    What are you listening to, hard rock version?

    This lost gem was released in 1969 and is pretty heavy and definitely bluesy and freaky for the time period. Excellent album!! Electric Chair
  4. Magic

    Bizarre News Stories

    If you missed the "Death" comet in 2015.....it's coming again this year on November 11, 2018. The Death Comet is coming!
  5. Magic

    Bizarre News Stories

    That's kinda funny! However, I just wonder if he experienced the 4 hour plus erection from the massive dose. :eek:
  6. Magic

    Traditional Metal Warlord

    Again, this album has a new vocalist and three songs which have been previously recorded.... 70,000 Sorrows Kill Zone Full album:
  7. Magic

    Traditional Metal Warlord

    After a long 18 year hiatus.....the band was back together with another vocalist, Joacim Cans of Hamerfall, and released Rising Out of the Ashes. Rising out of the Ashes contained songs Tsamis had recorded from his band Lordian Guard, a semi-Christian offering. Enemy Mind Winds of Thor...
  8. Magic

    Traditional Metal Warlord

    The next album, which is basically a live album of the Debut with three new songs. The band performed on stage without and audience to film themselves for a VHS release (which was re-released in 2003 on DVD by Metal Blade) .....It is to be noted, that a new vocalist was onboard for this release...
  9. Magic

    Traditional Metal Warlord

    Left to Right: Tsamis, Leptos, Zonder, Bynoe Facebook Page Current Members: William J Tsamis – guitars, keyboards (1980–1986, 2001–2002, 2011–present) Mark Zonder – drums (1980–1986, 2001–2002, 2011–present) Philip Bynoe – bass (2013–present) Nicholas Leptos – vocals (2014–present) Albums...
  10. Magic

    Hello Fellow Rockers

  11. Magic

    Glam Metal Tangier

    Stranded Caution to the Wind If you have time, the full album:
  12. Magic

    Glam Metal Tangier

    Southbound Train On the Line And you MUST take the time to listen to the full album:
  13. Magic

    Glam Metal Tangier

    Official Website Original Members: Doug Gordon Bill Mattson Rocco Mazzella Mike Kost Mark Hopkins Final Members: Doug Gordon Bobby Bender Mike LeCompt Garry Nutt Albums: Tangier (1985) Four Winds (1989) Stranded (1991) Tangier is another under promoted, under appreciated, and under...
  14. Magic

    What are you listening to, heavy metal version ?

    Revisiting some old glam metal / hard rock.... This is an excellent example of a lost gem.....the vocalist is amazing and so is the music!!! They remind me of Bad Co. Ripcord On the Line
  15. Magic

    Review Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Living The Dream (2018)

    Album: Living the Dream Artist: Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Country of Origin: USA Genre: Hard Rock / Rock Released: September 21, 2018 Label: Snakepit & Roadrunner Records Purchase: Here 1."The Call of the Wild" 2."Serve You Right" 3."My Antidote" 4."Mind Your Manners"...
  16. Magic

    What are you listening to, hard rock version?

    Just released September 21, 2018 Living the Dream.... It's OK.....maybe a forthcoming album review
  17. Magic

    Heavy Metal Hammerfall

    Going back to the debut album, Glory to the Brave (1997). This album captures everything heavy metal; Crisp, but lightning fast guitars, Thunderous percussion, and soaring vocals. Glory to the Brave Steel Meets Steel (Live)
  18. Magic


    Members: Francesco Aiello - vocals (Truth) Dave Ball - guitar (Procol Harum) Dennis Ball - bass (Long John Baldry) Cozy Powell - drums (Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) Bedlam was a hard rock / blues rock band from the UK. This group only put out one album that was produced by...
  19. Magic

    Bizarre News Stories

    As much as I hate spiders...this one is actually pretty dang cool.... Giant Spider Web in Greece Full Story
  20. Magic

    Strip Led Zeppelin

    32 - Baby Please Come Home (gets the axe because the song is named wrong....lol) Baby Come On Home. Great blues, BTW. 01 - Whole Lotta Love 02 - Out On the Tiles 03 - Kashmir 04 - Hey, Hey, What Can I Do 05 - Trampled Under Foot 06 - Communication Breakdown 07 - Moby Dick 08 - Your...