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  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal Accept

    Here is another 2017 Wacken video:
  2. Magic

    Heavy Metal Accept

    Found this live gem in the "new videos" forum. I had to make sure it got posted in their thread. It was filmed in Wacken (2017)
  3. Magic

    ACCEPT - Shadow Soldiers (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

    :headbang: Holy Moley! Look at the size of the crowd. It's a testimonial to how great Accept is!!!!!
  4. Magic


    meh. Reminds me of Bon Jovi and all those other 80's bands....which isn't a bad thing, just noting new.
  5. Magic


    (y) Bang! is a really good album. This was a single off that album. This live version is good but I highly doubt I will purchase the Defrosted 2 live album.
  6. Magic


    The 2018 album, Book of Bad Decisions, which was released September 7. The full album...Enjoy!
  7. Magic

    What's your 2018 Album of the Year?

    I am going to go over my stuff from 2018, too. At the moment, I will probably hold Ghost "Prequelle" at #1 with Kamelot "The Shadow Theory" at #2. A lot of good stuff came out this year. Judas Priest "Firepower" (which I know will be topping a lot of lists online) Orange Goblin "The...
  8. Magic

    Symphonic Avantasia

    I swear....they are not releasing any song teasers What-so-ever for Moonglow. I'm kinda bummed about that, too. They did release a small 50 second teaser, which now shows a release date of Feb 2019 instead of January.
  9. Magic

    Heavy Metal Ghost (Ghost B.C. in the USA)

    Ghost is about Devils?.....:gig: Album of the year discussion sounds good to me...since I already have a FANTASTIC pick for 2019! hint hint.....LaTorre!!
  10. Magic

    Heavy Metal Ghost (Ghost B.C. in the USA)

    @Mr. Gregory You and I were chatting a bit ago about "Album of the Year"........I am holding Prequelle at number 1 for the time being. I know this album is toned down a bit from Meliora, however, I feel this has been the best written album so far. I know a lot of people will go for Judas...
  11. Magic

    Symphonic Within Temptation

    Album of the Year, huh?!!! I will have to hear it first........I may sit down and go through all the new stuff that I have accumulated in my inbox and try to pick an album of the year.
  12. Magic

    Symphonic Within Temptation

    New Album "Resist" to be released December 14, 2018. 1. The Reckoning 2. Endless War 3. Raise Your Banner 4. Supernova 5. Holy Ground 6. In Vain 7. Firelight 8. Mad World 9. Mercy Mirror 10. Trophy Hunter
  13. Magic


    Gotthard Official Website Members: Leo Leoni - guitar Freddy Scherer - guitars Marc Lynn - bass guitar Hena Habegger - drums Nic Maeder - vocals, additional guitars Notable Past Members: Steve Lee - vocals (1992-2010, deceased) Albums: Gotthard (1992) Dial Hard (1994) G. (1996) Open...
  14. Magic

    What are you listening to, hard rock version?

    Just in case y'all are wondering....I am going on a Gotthard blitz. I had forgotten how damn good this band is, so next up is
  15. Magic

    What are you listening to, hard rock version?

    Really outstanding debut album from the BEST hard rock band to come from Switzerland. Especially like... Firedance
  16. Magic

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

    :gig: Names are the funniest!
  17. Magic

    SABATON - The Lion From The North (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

    Excellent....song and album! Nuclear Blast is releasing a Platinum Edition of Carolus Rex (2012) on November 30, 2018. Strange story behind the release of this Platinum Edition...... From Nuclear Blast
  18. Magic

    Heavy Metal Metal Church

    New Album due to be released December 7, 2018 1 - Damned If You Do 2 - The Black Things 3 - By The Numbers 4 - Revolution Underway 5 - Guillotine 6 - Rot Away 7 - Into The Fold 8 - Monkey Finger 9 - Out Of Balance 10 - The War Electric (from Wikipedia) By the Numbers