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  1. Speed King

    Bizarre News Stories

    Wow, I can't imagine anyone thinking this would be a good idea.
  2. Speed King

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

    Lovesac I just saw a commercial for this place, they sell sofa sectionals,......what a terrible name! :hah:
  3. Speed King

    Where Have I Been

    Lucky you, I'd love to be somewhere warm right now, don't be a stranger when you get back, post up some nice cars and trucks in the cars for my entertainment thread.(y)
  4. Speed King

    New member

    Had a good time tonight hanging out and listening to original music.(y)
  5. Speed King

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. Speed King

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

    I used to work with a guy named Dick Holden,...I'd chuckle every time I'd hear his name over intercom.
  7. Speed King

    Bio and info about bands

    Click here > Deep Purple This is a good example of the format we like for Band Threads (Bios)
  8. Speed King

    New member

    I was busy reading the long list of bands, I missed the question at the end,....I been listening to Blue Cheer, Budgie, and as always,...Deep Purple and BOC. I listen to a lot of Steppenwolf, mostly Monster and 7, but occasionally The Second and At your Birthday Party,...and a lot of other bands...
  9. Speed King

    New member

    My ears were burning, so I popped in to see why,.....:) Of course I like Heavy Metal, one of my all time favorite bands in the world is Black Sabbath (they invented Heavy Metal). They influenced me as a guitar player more than any other band I can think of. I love the traditional Heavy Metal...
  10. Speed King

    New member

    Can't teach an old dog new tricks.
  11. Speed King


    I agree, their old stuff is the best. I think their two best albums are Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen.
  12. Speed King


    When I saw the above video, I thought it was a cover of Budgie's "Stranded", last song second side of "Squwak".
  13. Speed King

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

  14. Speed King

    New member

    Welcome Riffmaster! Make yourself at home,...what bands do you like to rock out to?
  15. Speed King

    Look What American Pickers found.

    When is this episode scheduled to air?
  16. Speed King

    Funny videos

    Commander McBragg - Egypt
  17. Speed King

    Car Of The Day(For My Amusement)

    Saw one of these for sale locally the other day, I've always thought these cars made really cool boulevard cruisers, this one needs to go down a couple more inches, she's a little too tall. (67 Delta 88)
  18. Speed King

    Meet Etta

    She's adorable!