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  1. Magic

    Power Metal HIghland Glory aka Phoenix Rizing

    Facebook Page Members: Jan Thore Grefstad : vocals Jack Roger Olsen : guitars Per Olav Olsen : guitars Halvor Gustafson : keyboards Knut Egil Tøftum : bass Jarle Byberg : drums Discography: Pre Highland Glory--Phoenix Rizing: Rise From the Ashes (1998) Eternal Crusade (2000) Highland...
  2. Magic


    Tailor-Made Woman When It Comes Down To It It's A Man Thing
  3. Magic


    A Girl Like You All Night Long Full Album:
  4. Magic


    With the sophomore album, Hardbone continues to carry on with an AC/DC style, but with a bit more balls than AC/DC... Grave Digger Fat Cat Full Album:
  5. Magic


    Official Website Facebook Page Some Great Band Pictures! Members: Tim Dammann - Vocals Sebastian Kranke - Lead Guitar Tommy Lindemann - Rhythm Guitar Tim Schwarz - Bass Benjamin Ulrich - Drums Discography: Dirty 'n' Young (2010) This Is Rock 'n' Roll (2012) Bone Hard (2014) Tailor-Made...
  6. Magic

    Heavy Metal Impellitteri

    New official video for "Phantom of the Opera" off the new album
  7. Magic

    Meet Etta

    how cute! upload some updated pictures :) I know how Zooey feels...those sharp puppy teeth feel like little needles poking ya. I bet "daddy" is glad they have fallen out too!!!
  8. Magic

    77 (Seventy Seven)

    High Decibels Gimme A Dollar Full Album:
  9. Magic

    77 (Seventy Seven)

    Current Members: Armand Valeta - lead vocals and rhythm guitar (2006–present) LG Valeta - lead guitar (2006–present) Andy Cobo - drums (2014–present) Dani Martín - bass guitar (2017–present) Notable Past Members: Raw - bass guitar (2006 - 2014) Dolphin Riot - drums (2006 - 2014)...
  10. Magic

    Where Have I Been

    fat fingers cause typos! :gig:
  11. Magic

    Three Wheeler Band

    Facebook Page BandCamp Page Members: Adrian G. - Vocals, Guitars Jose M. - Drums Davo C. - Bass Discography: Smoke N' Groove (2013) Space Tribe (2016) Three Wheeler Band is an independent hard rock / stoner rock power trio band from Mexico. They list some of their favorite bands as Led...
  12. Magic


    hello, RaßvaaP! Welcome to the forum.
  13. Magic

    Symphonic Delain

    @Mr. Gregory I don't know anything about Spotify. Clue me in?
  14. Magic

    Symphonic Delain

    @Mr. Gregory That song is stupendous! Delain has definitely refined their music. I usually don't invest in EP's. I'm curious what (or when) they will put out another full length album.
  15. Magic

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    and a ......
  16. Magic

    Happy Birthday Magic!

    Thanks guys! I'm getting reallllly close to that big number...so I try to forget about birthdays.
  17. Magic

    Heavy Metal Accept

    Here is another 2017 Wacken video:
  18. Magic

    Heavy Metal Accept

    Found this live gem in the "new videos" forum. I had to make sure it got posted in their thread. It was filmed in Wacken (2017)