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  1. Speed King

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Hope you all had a fun time last night, and hope you have a fun time tonight as well. I don't genreally go out on patty's day, too many people crowding my neighborhood Irish Pub.
  2. Speed King

    Bizarre News Stories

    Uranus looks totally messed up right now
  3. Speed King

    Where Have I Been

    Every other search engine on earth lists us number one on a direct search, except the one we really need to list us. I've been searching google from almost day one to see if they list us, they never do. :(
  4. Speed King

    Where Have I Been

    Thanks for the above post! I appreciate it. I will be removing the last part (of my post #49) for obvious reasons, I just wanted some of our core members to see it and know why I'm not on CRF anymore. As far as google, it takes a request from the site owner to get listed. I'd like to say that...
  5. Speed King

    Where Have I Been

    Imagine mine and Magic's frustration, we've had our hands tied in many ways as far as recruiting members. We can't get Google to list us, our hands are tied there too. Our licence is up in late March, if we don't get re-newed this place will die and go away. BTW,...I'm done with CRF, pm me if...
  6. Speed King

    Mercyful Fate "9" LP Stream

    It appears to be "Goatwhore" a Haunting Curse. The News Bot must have been smoking crack when he posted that.
  7. Speed King

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year everyone, hope you have a great 2019!
  8. Speed King


    Welcome to Hard Rock Forums, I play bass as well. Feel free to make yourself at home here. What are some bands that you like?
  9. Speed King

    Happy Birthday Magic!

    Happy Birthday Magic, I hope it's a good one! You were so close to being a Christmas baby. :)
  10. Speed King

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Well, I hope you feel better, it sucks to be sick on Christmas. My Christmas celibration starts at 1:00pm today. My in laws are Sicilian, we're having lasagna for dinner, then I'm having a couple Jameson and Cokes. I got my niece an acoustic guitar, my nefew's getting electronic drums, (I went...
  11. Speed King

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Is everyone having a great Christmas Day so far?
  12. Speed King

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  13. Speed King


    Sylvan Song/Dream of the Archer
  14. Speed King

    Bizarre News Stories

    Wow, I can't imagine anyone thinking this would be a good idea.
  15. Speed King

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

    Lovesac I just saw a commercial for this place, they sell sofa sectionals,......what a terrible name! :hah:
  16. Speed King

    Where Have I Been

    Lucky you, I'd love to be somewhere warm right now, don't be a stranger when you get back, post up some nice cars and trucks in the cars for my entertainment thread.(y)
  17. Speed King

    New member

    Had a good time tonight hanging out and listening to original music.(y)
  18. Speed King

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  19. Speed King

    Forum game Clean words that sound dirty

    I used to work with a guy named Dick Holden,...I'd chuckle every time I'd hear his name over intercom.
  20. Speed King

    Bio and info about bands

    Click here > Deep Purple This is a good example of the format we like for Band Threads (Bios)